Steve Neiswander the Vice President and inventor of the Hemp Shield formula, explains it best: “As coating chemists our research lab decided to throw out all the stops, when we developed Hemp Shield. We went to the very best technology available in the market. We used UV absorbers, typically found in automotive coatings, in our deck stains, so we could reduce the amount of discoloration in the wood. We chose biocides that are brand new to the market,

which are encapsulated, so rather than releasing a large quantity of biocide in the environment at one time there is a time release on the biocide, keep it just as effective without damaging the environment, this new biocide has now been approved in California. We also developed the lowest VOC coating we could which means it has the least amount of Volatile Organic Compounds, far below what the legal limits are in any state in the United States. We think that this coating is the “greenest” deck finish on the market today” This along with the synergistic benefits of using emulsified Hemp Oil, truly differentiates Hemp Shield from traditional wood floor stains sold in today’s market.

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