About Hemp Shield

Hemp Shield is a proud manufacturer of the first hemp seed oil containing Wood Finish and Deck Sealer for all wooden as products along with Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment™ (specific to log homes). Our wood finishes/sealers and treatment are UV resistant and also can stand harsh weather conditions. As Hemp Shield’s ultra low toxicity and environmental friendliness ensure that your outdoor wood will look new and natural for years. The hemp seed oil molecules in Hemp Shield products are smaller than most oils used in coatings allowing for both better penetration of the wood while inducing increased synergy between all the other components in our proprietary formulas.

Hemp Shield™ — The First Hemp Seed Oil Containing Wood Finish and Deck Sealer For All Wood Products and Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment™ — Ultra low Toxicity, Eco-Friendly.


Why Choose HempShield!

Hemp Shield Penetrating Oil Wood Finish and Deck Sealer™/hemp Shield Log Home Treatment™ -

Deep soaking Protection ideal for decks, fences, siding and More.
  • Penetrating oil wood finish and Deck Sealer
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Containing 100% Pure Hemp Seed Oil
  • Very Low VOFCs (Volatile Organic Compound)
  • 0% HAP's (Hazardous Air Pollutants)
  • contains Formaldehyde Free: Mildewcide, Algicide and Fungicide
  • High Solids - Maximum Coverage Single Coat Appliction
  • Extremely High UV Resistant
  • Deep Penetrating into wood

Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment™ has a different proprietary formula than Hemp Shield Wood Finish & Deck Sealer™ featuring different component amounts in addition to adding more biocides to deal with bioactivity in logs.

See the Hemp Shield Deck Stain and Wood Sealant

See the Hemp Shield Deck Stain and Wood Sealant

Low VOC — 100% Green

Proud manufacturers of hemp based construction materials, is proud to announce the market release of Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer™ and Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment™ — The first and only penetrating wood finish containing 100% hemp oil that is produced in the United States. Hemp Shield™ is suitable for wooden decks, fences, stairs, siding, shutters, furniture — anything wooden that is exposed to the weather. In extensive tests, Hemp Shield™ outlasted other comers, including the highest priced deck finish on the national market. Hemp Shield's finish is extremely UV resistant, and the trans-oxide pigments used in shaded varieties of Hemp Shield™ provide long lasting color to your outdoor wood that does not hide the grain.

It is a unique hemp oil formulation represents a major advance in preservation of outdoor wood — a back-to-the-future choice that, by reviving use of an agriculture based oil feed stock, has created a sustainable, Environmentally friendly with ultra low toxicity- Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer™ and Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment™ offer superior performance in a truly 'green' waterproofer and protectant for outdoor wood, and can also be used indoors too as there are no Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP’s) and no fumes.

Just that all orders will be shipped typically within 5-7 business days but we do offer expedited processes should the customer select during checkout. Contact Us

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