Across the South, porches, docks, decks, gazebos, and outdoor furniture have long been crafted from wood of the native Cypress tree. Water resistant, with distictive grain patterns and warm brown color, cypress is a Southern construction trademark.
As the “before” photo shows, this classic wrap-around porch was structurally sound — cypress logs submerged for over 100 years have been sawn into construction lumber — but the wood was tired, dry and dull.

After cleaning and surface preparation, Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer in “Clear” formulation was applied, resulting in the restored finish shown in the “after” photograph.

Although cypress will repel water for decades, Hemp Shield’s penetrating hemp oil formula soaks deep into the wood’s cell structure, protecting and beautifying wood from the inside out. Because Hemp Shield works from within the wood, rather than just by forming a surface coating, Hemp Shield’s protection is only removed by wearing down the wood itself.

Non-toxic, formaldahyde free, UV resistant, eco-friendly Hemp Shield products provide deep soaking, long lasting protection and beauty for a wide range of wood types, even extremely dense species like cypress.


After standing unprotected for several years, the Johnson’s classic two-story bat and board cedar home had lost its luster. Gray from weathering and stained by tannin, “the place just looked sad,” remarked the homeowner.
Then the transformation began. First a pressure washer removed years of accumulated dirt and tannin stains, Then the home was finished with Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer in “Cedar” to unify the wood colors with a rich, warm tone while protecting their home for years to come.

Hemp Shield’s eco-friendly, non-toxic formula was also important to the Johnson’s. “Along with the house, we have several other cedar sided buildings on the property that we refinished too, so we didn’t want to use a finish that would release toxics around our home as it dissolved,” Mr. Johnson said.
“Besides,the place doesn’t look like new — it looks better than brand new. The wood has a warn color and the grain is much more visible than before,” Mrs. Johnson added.


Like many contemporary artists, ITA, an artist associated with the NYU Art Department, was searching for safe, eco-friendly wood finishes when he discovered that Hemp Shield not only met those standards, it improved the appearance of his finished artwork.

Currently, ITA is developing multi-function furniture based on sculptural forms. The stool pictured here replicates a pottery storage jar in wood, with the removable seat accessing the interior. “Your product has been really working wonders for me. what I have done that works well is creating a wood grain that has more depth and looks more realistic.”

To learn more about ITA’s artwork, he can be contacted at the email address — [email protected].

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