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Hemp Shield is a revolutionary water-based penetrating oil, NO VOC(Clear) Very Low VOC (Shades), NO HAP or any fumes (Can be used both interior and exterior), cleans up with soap and water, non-formaldehyde based algicide, fungicide, and mildewcide, no tannin bleed through on cedar, truly one coat, high coverage, competitively priced.

Hemp Shield® Dealers and Distributors receive the benefits of customer Care and support, timely orders, and competitive pricing for your needs as a local deal or distributor.


Q: Q: Why should my business consider becoming a Hemp Shield® Dealer/Distributor?
A: A:First and foremost, the Hemp Shield® product line is a top-quality wood product line found in this industry, manufactured here in the USA. Backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty, to give your contractors and customers trust in quality and performance.

Q: I have a corporate freight account established with [UPS-Fed EX]. Will you set up my account information in your system, and then ship my orders billing them to my account number?
A: Yes. Upon check out in our Dealer portal you can select which option is best for you or input exisiting freight account information.

Q: Is the Dealer registration process to become a Hemp Shield® Dealer or Distributor simple?
A: Yes! Just complete our registration application available online and it will be submitted for review.

Q: After my application is submitted, how long does it take before a billing account is open?
A: When all of your references have replied, an account can be opened within 5-7 business days.

Q: What is the Hemp Shield® policy on billing terms?
A: Typically, we are net 30 days however we do offer for select 3 months in the year net 90 days for stocking orders ahead of season between Dec-Feb.

Q: Once my account is open, how do potential customers from within my sales territory find me?
A: Upon your account being opened, our Director of Marketing adds your firms’ contact information to the Dealer/Distributor locator on the Hempshield® web site, which connects to Google maps. This map extends 250 miles from your location, bringing customers to you as they research our web site and insert their zip code.

Q: How should I place my Hemp Shield stocking orders?
A: The fastest order process will be to order online through our dealer/distributor portal. However you can also call or email. (Will need new email set up) Is it to later to change domain name to or what if we go back to utilizing

Q: Once my order is placed, how do I know it’s been processed?
A: Once order has been placed you will receive via email a invoice.

Q: Does HempShield® have seasonal sales for larger orders, and how would I be notified of these?
A: Yes, We offer seasonal sales for our dealer/distributors including stocking orders at 3% discount net 90 day for the months of Dec-Feb. In addition to these there are several other sales throughout the year including a year end sale in August and more. To receive notification please select “get notifications” upon completion of your dealer/distributor application. (can we add this feature in specific to just dealers?

Q: I’m really concerned about over extending myself by stocking a new product, so what are your requirements for my stock levels as a new Dealer for Hemp Shield®?
A: None, we currently do not have a limited stocking order.

Q: Shipping costs are a big issue with everyone, so what is the Hemp Shield® policy on Shipping and Handling fees?
A: We currently utilize UPS for shipping however upon check out you may choose the freight option best suited to your needs ie express delivery, most cost effective.

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