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Hemp Shield Deck Finish

Why Your Deck Needs Hemp Shield Deck Finish

After a long winter, spring is the perfect time to get your deck looking its best again. But the harsh weather of summer and winter can really harm your deck’s appearance. Cracked, warped, faded boards are not only an eyesore but can lead to long-term damage and safety issues without the proper care. That’s why it’s so important to protect and beautify your deck with a quality finish. And one of the best options is Hemp Shield Deck Finish.

Hemp Shield Deck Finish is an eco-friendly wood treatment that nourishes and shields your deck while enhancing its natural beauty. Here are the key reasons why it’s the ideal product for your deck this season:

Environmentally Friendly

Many deck finishes contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to you, your family, and the environment. Hemp Shield Deck Finish is crafted with ultra-low in VOCs, contains zero HAPs (hazardous air pollutants) in clear formulation, and is formaldehyde-free. You can give your deck a gorgeous finish guilt-free.

Provides Long-Lasting Protection

Hemp Shield soaks deep into the wood fibers to provide protection that lasts. Its unique formula creates a penetrating finish that stands up to all types of weather conditions year after year. Harsh UV rays, driving rain, snow, and extreme temperatures are no match for this hardy finish. It helps prevent moisture damage, rotting, discoloration, and extends the life of your oasis.

Beautiful Semi-Transparent Color

Hemp Shield brings out the natural beauty of your wood’s grain with tinted formulas that let the texture show through. It’s available in a variety of semi-transparent stain colors to add richness and depth. Redwood, Chestnut, grays, Cedar and natural wood tones allow you to enhance your deck’s appearance while maintaining a natural wood look.

Easy Application

Applying the Hemp Shield Deck Finish is easy. It brushes on easily and soaks into the wood smoothly. And unlike thick deck paints or solid stains, it applies in a thin, even layer that resists runs and drips. Just be sure to properly clean and prepare your deck first by removing old finishes, dirt, mildew, etc.

Long-Lasting Finish

While some deck finishes may peel or deteriorate after just one season, Hemp Shield is formulated to provide lasting protection and beauty. The finish penetrates within the wood fibers where the protection can’t chip or peel away. Your deck will maintain its freshly finished look for many seasons before reapplication is needed.

Enhances Your Deck’s Appearance

Dingy gray weathered boards don’t showcase your deck’s full potential. Hemp Shield brings out the wood’s natural variation, enhances the grain, and adds saturated color. Your deck will look rich and vibrant instead of faded and worn. Entertaining in your outdoor space never looked so good!

One-Coat Application

Hemp Shield Deck Finish packs a powerful punch. In many cases, it can protect your deck with just a single coat thanks to its durable formula and deep penetration. Reapplication every 2-3 years is generally recommended for continued performance and beauty.

Choosing the right finish is key to keeping your deck looking fabulous for years to come. Hemp Shield Deck Finish fulfills every criterion: environmentally friendly, effective protection, enhances appearance, and easy to apply. Give your deck the high-quality finish it deserves with Hemp Shield. Your outdoor living space will look like new again!