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Hemp Shield Deck Finish - Wood Finish

What Is the Purpose of a Wood Finish?

We frequently enjoy the natural beauty of wood and the precise skill that goes into making it when we think about wooden furniture or crafts. However, many people are unaware that the shiny look and lifespan of wooden items are not only due to high-quality raw materials and skilled craftsmanship, but also to the different types of wood finishes that are applied.

Why Is It Necessary to Finish Wood?

Wood finishes are an essential component that is used to provide the upper protective layer on the wood. You can choose from different types of wood finishes on the market that serve different purposes. However, one of the main purposes of any wood finish is to ensure the wood’s longevity and resistance to environmental factors. Some of the benefits of using wood finishes are:

Wood Finishes Protect from Harsh Environments

Wood is sensitive to its environment, making it subject to moisture, sunshine, and temperature variations. These elements, if not properly protected, can cause serious damage such as warping, cracking, and rotting.

Hemp Shield products produce a protective barrier that guards the wood from external hazards by adding a wood finish. The finish functions as a waterproof barrier, keeping moisture out of the wood and lowering the chance of swelling or shrinking. Furthermore, their hemp seed oil finish modified with UV inhibitor treatments protects the wood from damaging sun rays, reducing color fading and discoloration.

Wood Finishes Increase Durability

Unfinished wood is relatively fragile and vulnerable to scratches, dents, and other physical issues. Wood treatments add strength to the surface, making it more durable and resistant to regular wear and tear. The protective coating also improves the structural integrity of the wood, extending its lifespan by years.

A well-applied finish guarantees that the wood remains attractive and durable for an extended amount of time, whether it’s a wooden floor in a busy home or outdoor furniture exposed to the weather.

A Good Wood Finish Can Increase Aesthetics

Aesthetically, finish is also significant in two aspects. It changes the appearance and feel of wood. Unfinished wood appears dry and dull, which is not the appearance we associate with good craftsmanship. A good finish coat makes the surface glossy and shows the depth of the wood. The finishing stages help smooth out the surface and make it comfortable to touch.

Wood Finishes Also Promote Sustainability

Wooden items that are well-protected and maintained are less likely to sustain permanent damage or wear out rapidly. This decreases the need for replacements on a regular basis, saving both money and natural resources. Furthermore, the use of eco-friendly and non-toxic wood treatments guarantees that the environmental impact of wood finishing is kept to a minimum.

Hemp Shield products provide a low VOC wood finish that contains 100% Hemp oil produced in the United States, and is suitable for outdoor wood. Moreover, you can use their “green” waterproofer and protectant for indoor woods as well because there are no Hazardous Air pollutants (HAP).

There are different types of wood finishes available on the market, which not only increase durability but also resistance. Maintaining and protecting wooden infrastructure is also a step toward contributing to environmental sustainability. So, when you use environmentally friendly wood finishes or let professionals do their job of maintaining and protecting your wood, you contribute to the preservation of the environment as well.