“Coverage rates” are a simple calculation. The volume of solids of the coating times 1,604 equals the square feet at one mill dry film thickness. So if you’re coating has 50% volume solids the coverage rate is 802 square feet at one mil. If you are applying at .5 mil then your coverage rate is 1604 square feet. This is independent of any penetration into the substrate. The penetration into wood varies greatly with the species of wood, and the porosity of the surface.
The porosity may be affected by the cut of the grain, the amount of weathering of wood, and the amount of moisture in the wood. Hemp Shield is a blend of emulsified Hemp Oil and flexible acrylic polymer. The formula contains wetting agents to lower the surface tension and help pull the polymer as deep into the wood as possible to not only coat the surface but fill the wood cells with the polymer, UV inhibits and Hemp Oil. This stabilizes the wood from UV degradation as much as possible. Hemp Shield has higher volume solids than most products on the market. Part of the reason for Hemp Shield superior performance is the increased solids. We are not filling the wood with solvent or water; rather, we are filling the wood with oil and stabilizing polymers.

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