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Hemp Shield Deck Finish

Protecting Your Deck in Winter with Hemp Shield Deck Finish

Maintaining your wood deck helps increase the appeal of your home’s outdoor entertaining area and preserve its worth. Especially in winter, when you enjoy cozy evenings on your deck around the fire, you realize that the deck is always an essential component of a home. However, during the winter, their maintenance can be a little bit confusing and tricky, but not when you use a product like Hemp Shield Deck Finish.

How Winter Take a Toll on Your Deck

Winter moisture: Winter brings along snow, rain, and icy conditions. This moisture has the potential to rot, deform, and even swell the wood of your deck.

Freeze Thaw-Cycles: Cycles of freezing and thawing occur when the temperature changes, causing the water in wood to expand and contract. This may result in splits, fissures, and surface damage to the deck.

Ice Build-Up: If snow and ice build up on your deck, it may become slick and dangerous. Moreover, ice on your deck for a longer period and go deep into your wooden deck and ruin it.

UV Rays: Even in winter, the sun’s UV rays can cause fading and discoloration of your deck’s wood.

How Hemp Shield Deck Finish Protects Your Deck in Winter

Hemp Shield Deck Finish is an environmentally friendly solution made up of 100% hemp oil. It is the best product one can use to protect the deck in winter. Here’s how it works.

It Provides Deep Penetration: Hemp Shield gets inside the wood fibers, not only on the surface. Your deck will be better protected from moisture and freeze-thaw cycles because of this deep penetration, which offers protection from within.

It Provides Breathability: Wood is a special substance that expands and contracts in response to changes in temperature and humidity. Your wood can breathe freely thanks to the hemp shield, which keeps moisture from becoming trapped inside the wood. This airflow is crucial for winter deck maintenance.

It Provides Durability: Hemp Shield Deck Finish is made to be durable. You may save time and work during the winter by avoiding repeated applications because of its deep penetration and endurance.

It Provides Protection from UV Rays: Hemp Shield also protects your deck from UV rays from the sun. UV rays can still have an impact on the appearance of your wood on gloomy winter days. Your deck’s natural beauty and color are preserved by Hemp Shield.

Hemp Shield is non-toxic and secure for you, your family, and the environment, in contrast to certain conventional deck finishes that could include dangerous chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). So, if you are looking for an eco-friendly option for protecting your deck this winter, then Hemp Shield Deck Finish is your way to go.