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Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment

Is Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment an Eco-Friendly Product?

Log homeowners’ love for nature can be seen in the maintenance of their log home. That is why log homeowners look for eco-friendly products to revive their log home. When it comes to log home treatment, Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment can never go unnoticed, but is it an eco-friendly product? Asks many homeowners who are unaware of the magic of the product. So let us answer their question.


Yes, Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment is an eco-friendly product that offers an eco-friendly shield specially formulated to protect log cabins and wood homes sustainably. Keep reading to learn what makes this innovative wood protectant such a greener solution for your rustic home.

It Is Made with 100% Natural Hemp Oil

True to its name, the base for Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment is pure cold-pressed hemp seed oil. These beneficial plant oils penetrate deep into logs, providing long-term flexibility to counter checking and splits from weather shifts.

Contains Low VOC Content

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are solvent-like chemicals sometimes found in wood finishes that evaporate, creating that “new paint” smell. High VOC products can irritate eyes, skin and lungs while harming air quality. Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment contains incredibly low VOCs, meeting strict environmental standards.

Does Not Contain Any Harmful Odors

Speaking of fumes, Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment doesn’t require holding your breath during application thanks to a near non-existent odor. Reviewers often describe the faint smell as a tolerable smell.

Safe to Use inside Your Home

The low odor and VOC levels also make Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment safe to apply to interior logs in occupied homes when aired out. No need to vacate the premises or mask off rooms when using this eco-friendly wood protector.

Contains Mildewcide and Fungicide

Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment incorporates mildew and fungal fighters so your log finish strengthens over time rather than becoming a hotbed for microbial damage. This lasting prevention quality means less frequent reapplication and fewer cans winding up in landfills over the years.

Provides Lasting Protection

Speaking of longevity, Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment forms a resilient shield that locks moisture out of logs to maintain ideal wood stability and flexibility, lasting longer than many stains or oils. One application protects through harsh seasons and intense UV exposure, greatly reducing environmental impact long-term.

An Environmentally Responsible Choice

With long-lasting plant-based protection free of toxic chemicals, low VOCs, and mildewcide properties, Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment checks all the boxes for an eco-friendly wood finish. Protect your cherished log structure sustainably with this wood protector.