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Stain Colors Set - HempShield Samples

Hemp Shield Stain: 10 Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking about giving your wood a makeover and bringing it to life? Then the Hemp Shield Stain Color Sampler is here to improve the way you stain wood. In this simple guide, we’ll answer your most pressing questions while making sure you have all the information you need to make your wood look its absolute best.

1. Is it possible for Hemp Shield to work with wood that has previously been stained or weathered?

No problem. Hemp Shield is up for the challenge. But if your wood has a history of stains or sealers, show it some love with sanding or a good scrub to clear the deck. Preparation is important for Hemp Shield to do its magic and penetrate into the wood.

2. What makes Hemp Shield stand out from the rest of the wood-protectant products?

Hemp Shield is a true one coat stain and sealer option reducing time and need for costly re-applications. With its easy application and clean up it is a ideal candidate for the do it your selfer.

3. Why is it important to pre-treat the wood before applying the stain?

Hemp Shield needs a spotless wood surface to function uniformly since it is a penetrating wood finish. All previous sealers, staings, glossy finishes or coatings need to be removed.

4. What are the things I need to take care of when applying Hemp Shield Stain?

Deck staining 101: Stick to the right temperature (50°F to 100°F) and don’t drown your wood in Hemp Shield. Too much can lead to issues like uneven drying, weird colors, and peeling. In terms of staining, less is more.

5. What extra steps should I take for high-humidity or over-water wood projects?

Hemp Shield works perfectly fine around humidity. For over-water gigs, seal the entire plank, including the edges. Think of it as giving your wood a raincoat. Pre-drill and treat screw holes, and you’ve got a wood fortress against the elements.

6. How does Hemp Shield work with different woods?

Hemp Shield offers consistent performance among different wood species having been used in variety of applications from fences, decks, siding, log homes, crafts, and more.

7. Can I spray Hemp Shield on large surfaces?

Spray away. But don’t skip the back roll or brush dance. It ensures an even spread and kicks excess material to the curb. You would not want sticky, uneven wood. See further application instructions online.

8. How should I clean up after a Hemp Shield stain?

Use soapy water to quickly clean your tools. See further detailed instruction online for application & clean up procedures at

9. Can Hemp Shield be applied over existing glossy finishes?

It’s not recommended to apply Hemp Shield over glossy finishes, as it needs to penetrate the wood. If your wood has a glossy past, prep is important. Consider methods like sanding or using blast media to remove the existing finish. This ensures Hemp Shield can do its job effectively, giving you the best results.

10. Is Hemp Shield environmentally friendly?

Hemp Shield offers a blend of eco-friendly values and performance incorporating the use of hemp oil into its one coat formulation.

With Hemp Shield you can bring out the best in your wood and create a timeless showstopper. Visit the Hemp Shield website for more details.