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Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment

Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment vs. Stains and Paints

Protecting and preserving your log home is the most important factor when it comes to log home maintenance, which is why it is advisable to invest in Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment. But why only Hemp Shield log home treatment for log homes when there are stains and paints available? Or should you choose conventional stains and paints instead of a natural substitute like Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment?

Understanding the Basics

Before we discuss why it is important to go the natural way with the Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment, it is important to understand the basics of the two.

Traditional Paints and Stains: These coatings can leave a film on the surface of the wood and often contain synthetic chemicals. They come in a variety of colors, add a decorative touch, and provide some weather resistance.

Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment: Hemp Shield is a premium wood finish and deck sealant made  with the incorporation of hemp seed oil. It is intended to enter the wood fibers deeply and provide a protective layer. Hemp Shield is a alternative product that provides a semi transparent coating for exterior wood surfaces.

Now let us see why it is a better option to choose Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment

Why Is Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment Preferable Over Stains and Paints?

Impact on the Environment

Hemp Shield has a significantly smaller environmental impact than conventional stains and paints, which is one of its biggest advantages. Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment is a preimum sealer product incorporating the use of hemp seed oil. Contrarily, a lot of conventional coatings contain hazardous air pollutants or higher percentages of volatile organic compounds.

Safety and Health

Hemp Shield, premium alternative product contains very low Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be toxic when inhaled, are frequently released by conventional coatings. By deciding on Hemp Shield, you reduce the possibility of subjecting your loved ones to these dangerous toxins.


Uniquely, the logs in log homes expand and contract in response to changes in temperature and humidity. By allowing the wood to breathe, Hemp Shield avoids moisture buildup inside the logs. Moreover, Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment contains mildewcide and fungicide, which help prevent the growth of mold and mildew.


Hemp Shield also doesn’t skimp on appearance. It highlights the wood’s inherent beauty by letting the grain and texture show through. Although traditional coatings may come in a wider spectrum of hues, they frequently hide the wood’s inherent beauty.

Simple Maintenance

A log home can require extensive maintenance. In comparison to conventional coatings, Hemp Shield does not require multiple coatings, which streamlines the procedure. Single coats are needed, and maintenance is quicker thanks to its deep penetration and longevity.

So keep in mind that coatings using Hemp Seed oil is a great alternative when deciding between Hemp Shield and conventional stains or paints for the longevity of your home, your health, and the environment. Invest in Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment and breathe new life into your log home.