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hemp shield log home cabin

Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment: Features

Your log home is a special place that offers you relaxation and comfort, and this comfort cannot be compromised. Your special home deserves special treatment as well. Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment can provide your log home with extra protection to keep it looking new and natural for a long time. Let us share with you the features of the Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment that make it so unique and perfect.

1.    First Log home Finish Made Using Hemp Oil!

Hemp Shield is the first water-based penetrating oil that contains 100% pure hemp seed oil. It is designed to be more environmentally friendly and of high quality so that it can not just protect your log home but also the environment.

2.    Non-Toxic: Water-based, No VOCs, No Formaldehyde

Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment Sealer is safe to use. Your health matters the most, which is why our log treatment contains enhanced Mildewcide, Algicide, and Fungicide that are Formaldehyde free.

In addition to this, it has very low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). VOCs are organic chemicals that evaporate and get released into the air at room temperature and can harm both the environment and human health. But with our log treatment, you do not have to worry about it.

3.    UV Protection: High Resistance to UV Rays

Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment contains UV Light Inhibitors that slow down the color change of the wood stain.

The natural look of wood is what makes it so attractive and vintage, but with time, this color fades because of UV rays. This is where our log home treatment comes into play. It has UV light inhibitors that protect the stain from fading and keep the wood beautiful for a long time.

4.    Eco-friendly: Hemp Based, No HAP, No Fumes!

The environment is a major concern right now, and we believe in protecting it as much as possible. That is why Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment has 0% Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) and also contains no fumes. This means you do not have to worry about those toxic fumes and can also be sure that the environment is not harmed.

5.    Easy Application: Maximum Coverage, Single Coat Application

Our log home treatment is very easy to apply, with all the instructions regarding the application given on our website’s product page.

It provides you with high coverage of 300+ sq. ft./gal. at 1 mil dry film thickness (ASTM test record). As it is a penetrating oil, the result can be even better and differ depending on the species, porosity, cell structure, rate of growth, weathering, age, and other factors.

6.    Increases Natural Beauty: Rich Color and Pattern

Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment has been designed to make sure that the natural beauty of your log home is enhanced. It brings out the natural, rich color of the wood and the grain pattern. It will make your home look new and attractive.

7.    Deep Penetration: No Cracking or Peeling

Our log home treatment is a water-reducible hemp oil product, which means it penetrates deep into the wood to provide long-lasting results with no peeling or cracking.

With every coat of Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment Sealer, your log home becomes more protected from any attack from weather or pollutants. Do you want to know more about our log home treatment? Head to the Hemp Shield website and take a look at how our products take care of your home.