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Log Home Treatment

Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment: Application Process and Precautions

Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment is an eco-friendly treatment designed to protect and enhance the natural beauty of log homes. When applying this unique wood treatment, following some key preparation and application steps can help ensure you achieve the best results.

Proper Surface Preparation Sets the Stage

Before starting your Hemp Shield project, be sure to thoroughly clean and prepare the wood surface. Remove all loose fibers, dirt, mildew, and other residue. Use a bleach solution to kill any existing mildew, let sit for 10 minutes, then rinse clean.

Previously finished or weathered wood needs to be sanded to remove glossy coatings and roughen up the surface. This allows the Hemp Shield formula to properly penetrate the wood.

If you have lead paint, take safety precautions like wearing a respirator during sanding and cleanup. Allow wood to completely dry out before application, with a moisture content below 15%.

Properly prepping the surface paves the way for Hemp Shield to work its protective magic.

Choosing the Right Application Method

You’ll have to consider your options for application methods. Applying with high-quality brush, roller, or spray equipment leads to the best outcome. For brushing smaller areas, use a nylon/polyester bristle or foam brush. These will help work the Hemp Shield treatment into the grain. For larger expanses like decks and siding, a roller is the way to go. Choose a roller with a 1/8” to 3/8” synthetic cover. The nap helps hold the proper amount of product for even application.

For spray application, airless sprayers should have a .013” – .017” tip and be used at 2000 PSI. This provides the proper atomization of the treatment. Conventional sprayers work at 40-60 PSI with a 704/FX fluid tip. This lower pressure prevents overspray while still giving good coverage. Select the method that allows you to most efficiently coat the surfaces.

Follow These Application Tips for Success

Once prepped, keep these tips in mind when applying Hemp Shield:

  • Stir thoroughly before and during application to maintain consistency.
  • Apply at temperatures between 50-100°F when surfaces are completely dry.
  • Use Hemp Shield as-is, do not thin or alter the formula.
  • Work the entire length of the boards to avoid lap marks as you go.
  • Wipe up any excess after penetration to prevent issues as it dries.
  • Let the wood determine how much it wants to absorb. Don’t overapply.

Proper Cleanup and Safety

  • Clean up tools and spills immediately with soap and water.
  • After use, dunk rags in water to prevent the risk of burning.
  • Use goggles, masks, and ventilation when spraying.
  • If exposure occurs, flush your eyes with water for 15 minutes. Wash skin thoroughly with soap and water.

Keep in Mind Appropriate Drying Times

It’s important to allow proper drying times between coats before exposing the wood to traffic or the outside world. Refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations, as drying times can vary based on temperature and humidity. Typically, surfaces are dry to touch within 1-2 hours, assuming proper weather conditions.

Full curing takes approximately 3-7 days. Avoid heavy traffic during this curing period. Also, allow 48 hours of dry weather before exposure to rain or dew. Consider the weather forecast when planning your application to avoid wash-off problems.

Take Precautions

While Hemp Shield is an eco-friendly treatment, be sure to exercise proper safety precautions. Always test product compatibility in a small, inconspicuous area first. Avoid applying in direct sunlight or when rain is a possibility. Don’t over-apply, as excess material can cause issues. Let the wood determine proper absorption.

Take precautions if spraying around aluminum siding or windows, as it can result in discoloration. Proper masking prevents drips and runs from causing problems. Oil bleeding can occur on some exotic woods, so test first. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations helps avoid any problems or undesirable results.

Get Protected and Enhanced with Hemp Shield

By taking the time to properly prep your surface and following these application tips, you can expect outstanding results. This eco-friendly wood treatment enhances the natural grain while protecting against UV rays, fungus, mold, and more. Your beautiful log home will maintain its warm, rustic appeal for years to come.

Buy the Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment from the Hemp Shield website.