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Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment

Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment: 10 Frequently Asked Questions

Are you the owner of a lovely log home and want its natural beauty to stay the same without using chemicals? Then Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment Sealer is your new friend. It is a revolutionary, eco-friendly product designed to protect and enhance the appearance of log homes. In this comprehensive guide, we answer ten frequently asked questions to help you understand the uniqueness and benefits of this exceptional log home sealer.

1. What is Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment Sealer, and how is it different from other wood sealers?

Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment Sealer stands out as an eco-friendly solution crafted from water-reducible hemp oil. Unlike traditional wood sealers, this product provides state-of-the-art protection for outdoor wood in a genuinely ‘green’ manner.

2. What surfaces can Hemp Shield be applied to?

Versatility is a key feature of Hemp Shield. It’s recommended for use on various surfaces, including properly prepared wood decking, patios, wood screening, porches, outdoor furniture, steps, railings, plywood structures, and wooden fencing.

3. How does Hemp Shield protect against mildew, algae growth, and blue rot?

Beyond its role in enhancing the natural beauty of wood, Hemp Shield offers protection against common wood issues. It stops fungal and algae growth while effectively controlling blue rot, ensuring your log home remains in excellent condition.

4. Can Hemp Shield be applied to wood with a glossy finish?

Applying Hemp Shield to wood with a glossy finish is not recommended. To ensure proper penetration, surface preparation such as sanding or media blasting may be necessary.

5. What is the coverage area of Hemp Shield, and how does it vary in actual use?

Hemp Shield reports 324 sq. ft./gal of coverage in ASTM testing. In practical applications, it typically forms a dry film thickness of 0.5 mil, offering coverage ranging from 450-650 sq. ft. Many factors, including cell structure, porosity, weathering, and wood species, affect the variation.

6. How should mildew be removed before applying Hemp Shield?

Preparing the wood surface is important. Mildew can be removed successfully by washing the wood with a solution of 1 part liquid bleach and 3 parts water. It’s important to avoid adding detergents or ammonia to the bleach/water solution and to rinse thoroughly before applying Hemp Shield.

7. What precautions should be taken when applying Hemp Shield?

Proper application conditions are essential. Apply Hemp Shield when the temperature is between 50°F (10°C) minimum and 100°F (37°C) maximum, with relative humidity not exceeding 85%. Over-application should be avoided to prevent issues such as uneven drying, discoloration, and peeling.

8. How does Hemp Shield differ from other deck sealers in high moisture environments?

Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment distinguishes itself by working from within the wood rather than forming a shell over the exterior. In high moisture environments, complete treatment, especially on the edges and end grain, is needed for optimal performance.

9. Why should one apply Hemp Shield continuously from one end of a plank to the other?

Ensuring even penetration is key to Hemp Shield’s effectiveness. It should be applied continuously from one end of a plank to the other. Any excess material remaining on the surface after application should be promptly removed to prevent issues like slow, uneven drying, discoloration, and peeling.

10. How should I clean up after applying Hemp Shield, and what are the first aid measures in case of contact?

Clean-up involves adding 1-2 teaspoons of “Ivory” type soap to 1 gallon of water. Soak soiled rags immediately after use to prevent spontaneous combustion.

In cases of contact with the eye, for skin see SDS for instructions & safety precautions. If swallowed, seek medical attention without inducing vomiting and call the listed emergency number located on each label.

Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment Sealer is not just a product; it’s a commitment to preserving the natural beauty of your log home while prioritizing environmental sustainability. With its unique features and application guidelines, Hemp Shield stands as a demonstration of the combination of creativity and sustainable living in the realm of log home finishes. Know more about the product on the Hemp Shield website.