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Hemp Shield Deck Finish

Hemp Shield Deck Finish: Solving Common Deck Issues

After years of harsh weather and constant foot traffic, backyard decks show significant wear and tear. Fading wood tones, mold growth between boards, surface cracks, bowing, and trip hazards make decks problematic and unattractive. Comprehensive restoration with Hemp Shield Deck Finish revives and protects worn decking beautifully.

5 Common Deck Issues Solved

Outdoor elements progressively damage wooden decks, creating five frustrating problems for homeowners:

1. Fading Deck Stain from Sun Exposure

Constant sunshine bleaches the color and vibrancy of exterior wood stains over time. Without UV blockers, wood turns an unappealing gray color that looks neglected, no matter the quality of the original finish.

2. Mold, Mildew and Algae Growth 

Wet weather encourages mold, mildew and algae growth in shaded areas under handrails and between deck boards over multiple seasons. The result is black or green slippery patches that present tripping hazards.

3. Cracking of Surface Boards

Large moisture content swings from wet/dry cycles cause wooden deck boards to continually expand and contract until splinters form along edges and crack checker surfaces. Sealing against water protects integrity.

4. Warping and Deformation

The combination of blazing sunshine and inadequate moisture control causes deck boards to cup, bow, or warp over years. As fastener points and substructures loosen, protruding nails and trip risks increase.

5. Premature Wear from Foot Traffic  

All wood stains eventually show pathways of heavier foot use. But quality UV inhibitors and stabilizers greatly slow abrasion, scuffing, and color loss. Less pigment wearing away means better stain longevity.

Completed Deck Protection with Hemp Shield Deck Finish

Hemp Shield Deck Finish penetrates deep into wood pores to protect worn outdoor decking using combinations of tinted finishes and sealers. This treatment conserves the appearance of natural wood grain while comprehensively blocking moisture, UV rays and humidity from ruining surfaces further.

Hemp Shield Deck Restoration provides complete protection:

Color Restoration without Obvious Staining – Mildly tinted formulations appropriately enliven wood tones without appearing painted on. Subtle translucency showcases the depth and character of surface grain.

UV Inhibitors – Advanced deck stains resist fade and graying 2-3 times longer than major brands despite years of direct sun exposure.

Waterproofing Protection – Deep penetrating sealants curb moisture absorption from rain, overflow and humidity. Minimizes cracking, cupping, mold and trip risks significantly.

Durability from Heavy Wear and Tear – Hemp Shield stands up to traffic better. Scuffs disappear without pigment or color loss, so finishes stay vibrant.

Don’t settle for a tired, unsafe deck space for enjoying your backyard lifestyle. Contact Hemp Shield to buy Hemp Shield Deck Finish and restore your deck today; it’s time to revive the true beauty your deck deserves this season.