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Hemp Shield Deck Finish

Hemp Shield Deck Finish: Protecting Your Deck from UV Rays

Wood decks exposed to full sun day after day suffer considerable damage over time. The ultraviolet (UV) rays in sunlight can cause lignin and cellulose fibers within deck boards to break down. This leads to drying, cracking, splintering and structural weakening. Prolonged UV exposure can also speeds up discoloration and graying as special pigments in the wood get bleached out.

How UV Rays Damage Wooden Decks

  • UV rays break down lignin and cellulose in wood, causing structural weakening, splintering and cracking over time. This can create safety hazards.
  • Prolonged sun exposure bleaches color and causes graying and discoloration as special pigments get depleted from the wood.
  • When deck boards get wet and dry out in the sun, the repetition of expanding and contracting leads to distortion, checking, and surface cracks.
  • Sun damage shortens the lifespan of deck stain or sealant finishes, requiring more frequent reapplication. This increases maintenance costs.
  • By destroying protective wood fibers and finish layers, UV rays allow moisture penetration, which further speeds deterioration.

Moisture Makes It Worse

Sun damage combines with water absorption issues for a one-two punch. When decking gets saturated after rain or snow and then baked by the sun, the rapid swelling and shrinking cause surface cracks, checks and distortion as boards expand and contract. This deterioration not only looks unsightly but also creates tripping hazards.

Hemp Shield Deck Finish to the Rescue

Hemp Shield Deck Finish provides the UV-blocking and  water repellency needed to withstand years of sun and moisture exposure. Its durable finish penetrates wood surfaces providing a proactive barrier from both sun and moisture.

Special UV Inhibitors

This barrier helps to prevent ultraviolet light damage to the deck boards. Hemp Shield Deck Finish uses UV inhibitors as well to prevent color fading plus the breakdown of lignins and cellulose that destroy deck integrity over time.

Water Beads Up and Rolls Off

Hemp Shield Deck Finish also stops rainwater, snow and irrigation from being absorbed into the decking. Instead, liquid beads are placed on top of the non-porous finish and run right off. This moisture resistance means this stain and sealer can help deck boards stay dimensionally stable and won’t crack from repeated expansion and contraction.

Lasting Deck Protection

While many DIY clear sealants require frequent reapplication, Hemp Shield Deck Finish provides enduring UV resistance and water protection for years before needing a refresh. This is huge for avoiding costly deck renovation projects down the road. Just perform periodic pressure washing and spot cleaning to keep the finish looking revitalized.

Give Your Deck the Sunny Outlook It Deserves!

Don’t let UV exposure destroy your beautiful deck and wreak havoc on your home’s curb appeal. By applying durable Hemp Shield Deck Finish sealer, you can relax knowing your deck will maintain aesthetic appeal and protection from harsh weather conditions for seasons to come.