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Hemp Shield's Deck Finish

Hemp Shield Deck Finish: A Natural Option for Your Outdoor Space

To keep your wooden deck looking its best, maintenance is essential. Instead of using harsh chemical stains, consider an alternative option—Hemp Shield Deck Finish. It will protect and revitalise your deck.

What Makes Hemp Shield Different?

Hemp Shield Deck Finish incorporates the use of hemp oil to penetrate deep into your deck’s wood. Fortified with UV light inhibitors, fungicide, a sealer, This stain & sealer in one is stands up to harsh weather better than many typical deck stains. It comes in natural, and semi-transparent tints to enhance your deck’s beauty while allowing the wood grain to show through.

Why Choose Hemp Shield?

Hemp Shield offers a bunch of benefits that make it an eco-friendly choice for your deck:

  • It’s environmentally friendly
  • Hemp Shield soaks deeply providing protection from moisture, UV rays, and fungi
  • Once applied properly, it lasts for years without peeling or wearing down
  • The semi-transparent options let your deck’s natural wood grain show through
  • No nasty fumes or chemicals make it safe to apply and have around pets and kids

Hemp Shield allows you to keep your deck looking beautiful for longer than many standard stains. It’s a more sustainable option that’s gentler on the environment and your family.

Applying Hemp Shield to Your Deck

Preparing and applying Hemp Shield is pretty straightforward:

  • Clean your deck thoroughly and let it dry out completely first.
  • Make sure the wood’s moisture content is less than 15% before application.
  • Stir the stain thoroughly before starting to ensure it’s well-mixed.
  • Brush it on evenly along the wood grain – don’t overdo it.
  • Allow proper drying time based on the weather conditions.
  • Clean brushes and tools with just mild soap and water after use.

Be sure to check the full manufacturer’s instructions for details on proper application. With the right prep and application technique, Hemp Shield can give your deck a beautiful, natural-looking finish lasting multiple seasons.

More Natural Deck Care Tips

Hemp Shield is just one part of the equation when it comes to eco-friendly deck care. Here are some other tips:

  • Let your wooden deck age naturally over time, rather than stripping stains repeatedly.
  • Sweep debris off regularly instead of frequent power washing.

Take care of your deck naturally; it’ll stay healthy and look great for years while keeping the planet happy. Give Hemp Shield Deck Finish a try – your deck will thank you! Investing some care in your deck using earth-friendly methods pays off season after season.