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Hemp Shield Deck Finish Frequently Asked Questions

Hemp Shield Deck Finish: 10 Frequently Asked Questions

The Hemp Shield Deck Finish is the secret to transforming your outdoor area into a stunning and environmentally friendly paradise. This natural product protects and enhances the appearance of your deck while being environmentally friendly. To help you make the most of this amazing product, here are the answers to ten commonly asked questions about Hemp Shield Deck Finish.

1. What is Hemp Shield Deck Finish?

Hemp Shield Deck Finish is a water-resistant hemp oil product that is environmentally friendly and penetrates wood, particularly decks, giving it durability without peeling. It brings out the natural beauty of the wood while forming a protective layer that keeps it from rotting and getting wet.

2. How does Hemp Shield Deck Finish protect wood?

The product protects wood by creating a strong, waterproof layer that keeps water out and helps prevent the growth of fungi and algae. It works from within the wood, maintaining its organic beauty and providing long-lasting, peel-resistant protection.

3. Where can I use Hemp Shield Deck Finish?

Hemp Shield Deck Finish is adaptable and works well on decks, patios, porches, outdoor furniture, railings, plywood structures, and wooden fencing, among other well-prepared wood surfaces. It is a one-stop shop for all kinds of outdoor wood uses.

4. What is the coverage of Hemp Shield Deck Finish?

Hemp Shield Deck Finish provides outstanding protection. It showed coverage of 324 square feet per gallon at 1 mil dry film thickness in ASTM testing. When in use, it usually covers between 450 and 650 square feet, depending on the type of wood and other elements.

5. How can I remove mildew from wood before applying Hemp Shield?

To get rid of mildew on wood, wash the affected area with a mixture of one part water and three parts liquid bleach. Avoid adding ammonia or detergents to the mixture. Before applying Hemp Shield Deck Finish, give the wood a thorough scrub and rinse and let it dry.

6. Does using Hemp Shield Deck Finish come with a lead warning?

Yes, there is a lead warning. Lead dust can be released during the removal of old paint or finish. Lead dust is toxic. It can lead to major health problems, particularly in young children. It is essential to take appropriate safety precautions and measures when handling surfaces that might contain materials containing lead.

7. What are the application methods for Hemp Shield Deck Finish?

Applying Hemp Shield Deck Finish can be done with a brush, roller, foam brush, or airless/traditional sprayers. For best results, apply the product within the suggested temperature and humidity range and stir well before using.

8. How should I handle extra material or overspray when using Hemp Shield?

As soon as Hemp Shield penetrates the wood, remove it with a rag, dry brush, or roller to avoid problems like uneven drying or discoloration from excess material. Hemp Shield may seem milky when applied, but as it absorbs, it will turn clear.

9. How is Hemp Shield different from other wood protectants?

Hemp Shield Deck Finish sticks out because it preserves the natural appearance of the wood by soaking into it from the inside out. Hemp Shield provides a more environmentally friendly method and a thinner surface film than conventional finishes, which form a surface shell.

10. Is Hemp Shield safe to use on all types of wood?

Depending on the kind of wood, its porosity, age, species, and environmental factors, Hemp Shield’s effectiveness may differ. For optimal effects, it is best to let the wood determine how much Hemp Shield is used.

Hemp Shield Deck Finish is a multipurpose, environmentally responsible way to improve and protect outdoor wood. We hope that answering these commonly asked questions will provide you with a thorough understanding of how to take full advantage of this revolutionary wood finish and keep your outdoor space beautiful and environmentally friendly.

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