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Stain Colors Set - HempShield Samples

Enhance the Natural Beauty of Wood with HempShield Stain Colors

Wood is a classic, beautiful building material that can add a special charm to your home. However, exposure to sun, rain, snow, and other elements can weather and degrade exterior wood over time. Applying a high-quality wood stain is the best way to protect and enhance your wood while maintaining its natural look.

HempShield offers an innovative line of semi-transparent stains made with eco-friendly hemp oil. This wood protector penetrates deep into the wood grain to nourish and preserve the wood from within. The HempShield Stain Color Sampler provides a convenient way to see how different stain shades will look on your particular wood species and project.

Benefits of HempShield Stains

HempShield stains contain no harsh chemicals, VOC, or toxic ingredients.

The unique hemp oil formula protects wood by:

  • Preventing rot, mold, and mildew growth
  • Protecting wood from UV rays to prevent sun damage, fading, and graying of the wood

HempShield allows the natural texture and character of the wood to show through, highlighting the wood grain rather than covering it up. The semi-transparent tint enhances color while letting the beauty of the wood stand out.

Stain Color Options

The HempShield Stain Sampler provides six popular stain colors in 4 oz bottles. Having small amounts of different shades makes it easy to test them on your wood to pick the perfect color.

The stain colors are:

Clear : This clear sealer brings out the natural color of the wood. It lets the wood’s own beautiful tones show through while protecting it from water and UV rays.

Cedar: This warm, bright honey hue gives the wood a rich, natural look. It brings out the undertones and adds nice coloring.

Redwood: With its vibrant red-brown tone, this shade is great for woods like cedar, redwood, mahogany, and others with warm reddish hues. It complements them beautifully.

Chestnut: A medium brown with subtle red undertones, this versatile shade enhances many types of wood.

Cobblestone Gray: This driftwood-like gray tone mutes the wood’s coloring while still showing the texture. It’s ideal for a coastal, timeworn look.

Hickory: The deepest shade, this black-brown hue makes bold, dramatic effects on wood.

Application Tips

Before staining, properly prepare the wood surface by:

  • Sanding thoroughly.
  • Removing any existing finishes, oils, mildew, or debris.
  • Ensuring wood has a moisture content below 15%.

Use a high-quality nylon or polyester brush or a short nap paint roller for the best results. Apply HempShield stains in a continuous stroke along the entire length of a wood plank to avoid lap marks.

After application, any excess stain should be wiped off with a dry cloth. HempShield stains dry to allow the wood’s texture to remain visible.

Test colors on a small, hidden area before staining your entire project. Let the test area dry completely before making your final stain selection.

Protect and Beautify Outdoor Wood

HempShield semi-transparent stains nourish wood from the inside out for long-lasting protection and beauty. The HempShield Stain Color Sampler lets you preview colors on your specific wood surface so that you can pick the perfect hue for your next staining project. Enhance and safeguard your exterior wood with these all-natural, eco-friendly wood stains.

Learn more about the product on the product page – Stain Colors Set of 6 HempShield Samples.