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Hemp Shield's Deck Finish

Does Your Log Home Look Old? Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment Can Help

Don’t you just love the look of your log home? It feels so unfortunate when your lovely log home starts to wear and fade. Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment can make all your worries go away with its magical effect on wood. let’s see how you can apply this amazing treatment to your house to take full advantage of it.

Protecting and Enhancing Your Log Home

Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment is a high-quality, eco-friendly product made to protect and improve the beauty of log homes. This sealer is a great option for saving the charm of your log home while lowering its environmental impact. Let’s see how you can use Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment to breathe life into your worn-out log house.

Surface Preparation is Key

It is important to properly prepare the surfaces before applying Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment. Since wood that is dirty or mildewed-covered will not allow the sealer to stick, cleanliness is important. Follow the instructions given below:

  • Make sure the wood is spotless and free of filth, mildew, dirt, and loose wood fibers.
  • Make sure the wood is structurally sound and dry. Less than 15% moisture should be present.
  • Sand, scrub, or use treatment to get rid of loose fibers, dirt, and other leftovers from previously stained or weathered wood surfaces.
  • Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment should not be used on glossy wood because it will not absorb well. In these cases, remove the present finish first.

Proper Application

When your log home is ready and prepared, it is time to apply Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment. Here are some important tips:

  • There are several ways to apply Hemp Shield, including brushes, rollers, foam brushes, and sprayers. Before using, give the product a proper stir.
  • Use when the relative humidity is no higher than 85% and the temperature is between 50 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • To prevent uneven drying, stay away from direct sunlight or when the wood feels warm to the touch.
  • Avoid applying too much because too much product can cause issues like discoloration and peeling.
  • Consider back rolling or brushing expansive areas like decks and fencing to ensure even penetration.

Environmental Benefits of Hemp Shield

The eco-friendliness of Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment sets it apart. It contains hemp seed oil and is water-reducible, making it a truly “green” product. It does not create a shell over the wood’s surface like some other wood treatments do. Instead, it seeps into the wood, shielding it from the inside out while maintaining its natural beauty.

Why Choose Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment?

  • It gives deep soaking protection, which is ideal for log homes.
  • It is environmentally friendly with low VOCs.
  • It contains pure hemp seed oil.
  • It is highly UV-resistant for long-lasting results.
  • It works from within the wood to protect and nourish.
  • It reduces the impact on the environment.

Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment may be your only hope if your log home is beginning to show its age. In addition to improving your home’s look, it will also contribute to a cleaner environment. With the right preparation and application, you can enjoy your log home’s beauty for many years. So, use Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment to restore the beauty and newness of your log home while protecting it for the future. Head to the website to know more.