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exterior wood stain

Choosing the Best Wood Stain for Outdoor Furniture

A high-quality wood stain is essential to ensure the durability, aesthetic appeal, and weather resistance of outdoor furniture. Finding the ideal wood stain might be difficult due to the abundance of alternatives. In this blog, we’ll explore the essential points to consider when choosing the best exterior wood stain for your outdoor furniture.

1. Look for a wood stain that maintains the beauty of the wood:

You can enhance the beauty of the wood while maintaining its organic charm by choosing a natural wood stain, such as water-reducible hemp oil products from Hemp Shield. Natural stains frequently come in a variety of hues, allowing you to choose the ideal stain color to go with the design of your outdoor furniture.

2. Give priority to wood stain that lasts long:

Outdoor furniture is frequently exposed to damaging elements like rain, UV radiation, and temperature changes. Look for wood stains that are specially made to endure these circumstances and provide a robust defense. High-quality stains with UV blockers can aid in preventing fading and help maintain the vibrancy of your furniture for many years to come.

3. See if the wood stain has no-peeling quality:

Over time, peeling or flaking of low-quality wood stains is one of the most prevalent problems. Invest in a wood stain that is renowned for its adherence and resistance to flaking to avoid this issue.

4. Check if it is resistant to fungi and algae:

Algae and fungus growth can lead to corrosion and discoloration on outdoor furniture. Pick a wood stain with antimicrobial protection from algae and fungi. Some stains, including Hemp Shield wood stain, contain fungicides and mildewcide, keeping your furniture free of ugly growth and looking new.

5. Check if it is easy to apply:

The wood stain should be simple to use and can make staining much more efficient and fun. You can save time and frustration by using stains that are easy to apply and don’t call for elaborate application procedures. Depending on your desire and the complexity of the design of your furniture, this stain can be applied with a brush, a foam brush, roller, or a conventional/airless sprayer.

6. Verify if it penetrates the wood properly:

The depth to which a wood stain can permeate the wood fibers determines how effective it will be. In addition to improving the wood’s beauty, a stain that correctly penetrates the board provides greater protection against moisture and other environmental hazards. Without adequate penetration, stains that remain on the surface are more likely to fade rapidly.


The longevity, beauty, and general performance of your outdoor furniture are all directly impacted by the outdoor wood stain you choose. The beauty of the wood can be preserved while giving protection by choosing natural stains, such as water-reducible hemp oil based stain by Hemp Shield. Your outdoor furniture will also last for many years if you give priority to durability, peeling resistance, fungal and algae resistance, easy application, and correct wood penetration.

Remember, spending money on a high-quality exterior wood stain now will allow you to fully enjoy your outdoor space while saving you time and money on future maintenance. Take the time to do your research and choose a wood stain that suits your particular needs, and you’ll be rewarded with stunning and durable outdoor furniture.