Log homes are, without a doubt, beautiful and attractive. But do you know they need constant attention and care as they are exposed to various kinds of elements that affect them? To protect your log homes and make sure that they keep looking appealing as well as functional, the use of products like Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment becomes essential.

Understanding Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment

Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment is a unique coating that you can apply to your home’s logs. It is created from hemp oil, a natural product that is extremely effective at preserving wood. The best thing is that it is environmentally friendly and does not hurt the world.

Before we discuss how Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment protects your log home, let us discuss why it is important to protect your log home.

Why Do You Need Log Home Protection?

The natural elements that our log homes are exposed to, like rain and UV rays, have an impact on them. Sometimes these elements cause our log home wood to become weak, fade, and affect its functionality.

Why Invest in Home Shield Log Home Treatment?

Power of Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is an excellent option for wood protection. It’s like providing an efficient shield for your logs against the elements. Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment absorbs into the wood and provides a protective coating. The protective layer of this product prevents water from getting into the wood.

Long-Lasting Protection

One of the best things about Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment is how long it lasts. You won’t have to keep reapplying every year. In fact, it can protect your log home for up to five years. It means you can save money as well when you invest in Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment.

Protecting the Environment

If you care about the environment, you’ll love Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment, as it is eco-friendly. It’s made from natural hemp oil, which is renewable and sustainable. This means that using this product won’t harm the planet or the beautiful surroundings of your log home.

Contains Mildewcide and Fungicide

Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment does more than simply protect your logs; it aggressively kills mildew and fungus. These are frequent causes of wood rot and deterioration. Hemp Shield’s mildewcide and fungal qualities add an extra layer of protection, keeping your logs healthy and robust.

Contains UV Light Inhibitors

UV radiation from the sun may quickly degrade the color of your log cabin. However, Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment takes care of that as well, thanks to its UV light inhibitors. Your log home’s brilliant color will last considerably longer, preserving its aesthetic attractiveness.

Your log home is a wonderful place that provides comfort to you, and we bet that you want it to look good for years to come. Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment provides more than just protection; it is a complete solution that combats the elements affecting your log home and increases its durability.

Nestled among the lush landscapes and rolling hills, log homes stand as timeless symbols of rustic charm and architectural beauty. These wooden sanctuaries bring us closer to nature, providing a retreat from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Yet, as much as we love our log homes, the elements pose a constant threat to their integrity and beauty. This is where Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment Sealer comes into play.

Preserving Beauty with Hemp Shield the Eco-Friendly Way

Imagine a log home that not only reflects your personal taste but also doesn’t affect the environment in its upkeep and maintenance. Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment™ Sealer is the best quality log home sealer meticulously formulated to safeguard and enhance the allure of log homes. For homeowners who yearn to uphold the natural beauty of their wooden abodes while treading lightly on the planet, Hemp Shield™ presents an ideal solution.

Hemp Shield Log Home Finish – Made Using Water-Reducible Hemp Oil

Hemp Shield™ wields the power of water-reducible hemp oil, seamlessly seeping into the wood, bestowing exceptional durability that resists peeling. The deterioration of the finish only occurs through erosion, ensuring a long-lasting protective shield.

Furthermore, this innovative formulation has been designed to inhibit fungal and algae growth, simultaneously holding blue rot at bay.

Whether it’s wood decking, patios, porches, outdoor furniture, railings, or even wooden fencing, Hemp Shield™ proves its quality, becoming the best choice for environmentally conscious wood protection.

Ward Off the Insidious Mildew and Impact of UV

Step into a realm where state-of-the-art protection converges with a genuinely green philosophy. Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment™ doesn’t merely preserve; it enhances. Enhanced mildewcide and fungicide properties ward off the insidious grasp of mildew, safeguarding your log home’s aesthetics. UV light inhibitors elegantly slow down the color-changing process that wood undergoes when exposed to the sun’s rays. The result is a log home that stands resilient against time while emanating a warm, inviting aura that echoes nature’s embrace.

Proper Surface Preparation for Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment

Proper surface preparation is most important part of a successful log home finish treatment. The surfaces must be cleaned of all dirt, mildew, and loose wood fibers, leaving no room for compromise. Structural integrity and complete dryness lay the foundation for Hemp Shield’s protection.

Wood moisture content must be below 20%, mirroring the balance of kiln-dried lumber. Only then can the sealant weave its magic. Weathered wood surfaces must undergo a meticulous sanding, scrubbing, or treatment to expel loose fibers, dirt, and residues.

Great Coverage Offered by Hemp Shield Log Home Finish

Coverage, like an artist’s brushstroke, varies, reflecting the wood’s inherent personality. In ASTM testing, Hemp Shield™ boasts coverage of 300 sq. ft./gal. at a 1 mil dry film thickness. However, real-world application often results in a 0.5 mil dry film thickness, increasing coverage to approximately 450-650 sq. ft. Since it is penetrating oil, the coverage can vary based on the wood species, porosity, age, weathering, and other idiosyncratic factors.

Remove Mildew before Home Shield Log Home Finish Treatment

You must remove mildew from the wood surface so that Hemp Shield™ Log Home Finish can produce the best results. A simple solution of liquid bleach and water, in a ratio of 1:9, can be used to remove the mildew. To ensure effectiveness of the solution, do not add detergents and ammonia. Apply the solution and scrub the mildew-affected area and leave the area as it is for 10 minutes. Then rinse with water and ensure that the surface is dried completely before using the Hemp Shield log home finish. This process works best in bright sunlight.

As log homes continue to grace landscapes with their elegance, the Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment™ is the savior of their appeal and integrity.

If you own a log house, you are aware of how crucial maintenance is. However, did you know there is a technique to safeguard your house while simultaneously being environmentally friendly? Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment is a wonderful and eco-friendly option that keeps your log home looking fantastic and benefits the environment at the same time.

So, what makes this product eco-friendly, and would it be capable of preserving your log home in the long run?

What Is Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment?

A high-quality, environmentally friendly solution called Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment Sealer is intended to preserve and improve the beauty of log homes. Our log home treatment brings out the wood’s inherent beauty and gives your log home a cozy, welcoming appearance.

What Makes Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment Sealer Eco-Friendly?

Made from 100% Pure Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment Sealer is environmentally friendly because of how it is made and the materials used. Hemp is a plant that grows really quickly and doesn’t require a lot of water or chemicals to thrive. Our log home treatment sealer is natural and environmentally friendly because it is made from 100% pure hemp seed oil.

Minimal Environmental Footprints

The manufacture and use of traditional sealers frequently cause the emission of hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which contribute to air pollution and health problems. The formulation of the Hemp Shield Sealer, in comparison, takes a different path, as it uses very low VOC solvents that do not impact air quality.

Free From Harmful Chemicals

The Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment Sealer proudly stands as a champion against Harmful Air Pollutants (HAP) and odors since it is free from harmful chemicals. The Hemp Shield Sealer was purposefully developed without these potentially dangerous ingredients, unlike traditional sealers. This carefully thought-out design benefits not only your log home but also make sure that the air you breathe is always pure and secure.

Supports Longevity and Reduces Waste

The Hemp Shield Sealer’s extended lifespan increases its environmental effect. The need for periodic maintenance and reapplication decreases as the wood in your log home becomes more resistant to weathering. As a result, less material will be used over time, less trash will be produced, and your log house will last longer.

If you want more information or are planning to buy this eco-friendly Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment Sealer, click here.

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