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Hemp Shield Deck Finish

6 Things You Should Know About Hemp Shield Deck Finish

You want your backyard deck to look beautiful for years. However, weather, foot traffic, spills, and other factors can damage exterior wood surfaces. Hemp Shield Deck Finish deck sealer promises to protect and beautify your deck while being eco-friendly.

While Hemp Shield can extend your deck’s lifespan, make sure you know these 6 important things about the Hemp Shield deck sealer so you can utilize it perfectly.

1. It Won’t Change the Wood Color

If you prefer your deck’s current natural pine, cedar or reddish hardwood tones, Hemp Shield preserves them instead of tinting planks. Opt for the clear, transparent sheen. Or choose a complementary semi-transparent stain to gently enhance existing deck board hues.

2. It Contains Low VOCs and No Hazardous Chemicals

Conventional deck sealants release volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are both hazardous and flammable.

 3. It Has User Friendly Applications

Hemp Shield comes in six colors or clear finishes to fit project demands and can be applied effortlessly with a roller, brush, or pump sprayer, with no leaking or run marks. Also, cleaning up is as easy as using soap and water.

For use, you can follow the simple instructions mentioned when you buy Hemp Shield Deck Finish.

4. It Won’t Peel or Chip

Unlike surface coatings that might peel, Hemp Shield Deck Finish goes deep into the wood grain. This deep penetration protects the flexibility-retaining finish from chipping or blistering over time.

5. It Provides Long-Lasting Beauty Along with Protection

When applied correctly to decks that have been cleaned and prepped, Hemp Shield Deck Finish protects wood from moisture damage, weathering, and heavy foot traffic for years.

6. It Provides Protection from Water

With its uniquely water-repellent formulation, Hemp Shield Deck Finish causes water to bead up and roll right off deck surfaces upon contact rather than absorb into vulnerable wood fibers. This unrivaled water resistance ability keeps decks persistently dry and protected against harmful water damage.

Hemp Shield Deck Finish beats many inorganic options because of its ability to protect wood as well as its eco-friendly values. Contact Hemp Shield to buy Hemp Shield Deck Finish or find out more about the best solutions for your upcoming deck restoration project.