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Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment

5 Signs Your Log Home Needs Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment

Log homes are beautiful and aesthetic; there is no doubt about it. Maintaining its functionality and structural integrity is important and a sign that you deeply connect with your log home. When it comes to choosing products for your log home, just like we choose for ourselves, it is important to pick the best product. Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment is a product made for homeowners who love their log home and want to give it the best treatment possible.

Below are 7 telltale signs that your log homes require Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment’s coat.

1. Fading or Discoloration

The sun’s UV rays can cause the natural color of the logs to fade over time. If the exterior of your log home appears dull, washed-out, or discolored, it’s a sign that the wood’s surface has been damaged. Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment not only revitalizes the color but also acts as a shield, shielding the logs from further UV damage.

2. Water Stains and Moisture Damage

Log homes are prone to moisture problems. If you notice water stains, mold growth, or rot on your logs, you must address these issues immediately. Hemp Shield Treatment forms a waterproof barrier, preventing moisture from penetrating and causing damage to the wood. It’s a preventative measure to safeguard your log home from future problems.

3. Splitting and Cracking

Cracks and splits in log exteriors are common because wood expands and contracts naturally with changes in humidity. Extensive cracking indicates that your logs may require some TLC. Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment penetrates deeply into the wood providing a protective stain & sealer in one combination with a one coat application.

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4. Peeling or Flaking Finishes

It’s time to replace your old wood finish if it’s peeling, or flaking. Hemp Shield is designed to bond with the wood, resulting in a long-lasting finish that is resistant to peeling and flaking. It is a long-lasting and dependable option for log home protection.

5. Increased Maintenance Efforts

If you’re constantly repainting, staining, or sealing your log home to keep it looking good and protect it from the elements, it’s a sign that your current maintenance routine is insufficient. Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment is intended to reduce the need for frequent maintenance, ultimately saving you time and effort. With our one coat finish and easy clean up, Hemp Shield Log home Treatment provides the ideal stain & sealer candidate for your maintenance needs.

Your log homes are clearly in need of treatment from a premium product such as Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment if you notice any of the above-mentioned signs in them. Pay close attention to your log homes and never neglect any indications of deterioration.